Why did Brazil elect Jair Bolsonaro?

The country just elected a new president known for his far-right and conservative views, and controversial, racist, homophobic, and sexist statements. But what made the country of Samba, Carnaval, and Futebol do such a thing?

“The Economist” cover from September
Jair Bolsonaro

A wannabe dictator

About the LGBT community

About women

About nepotism

About a secular state



A brief recap

“The Economist” covers about Brazil: 2009 (left) and 2013 (right)

Brazil’s “Occupy Wall Street”

#1 Corruption

“The Brazilian Way”. The sign says: “Don’t step on the grass”. 🙄

#2 Social inequality

A favela (left) next to a luxury apartment building (right) in the Morumbi area, in São Paulo, Brazil. How can some people have everything, while others don’t even have basic sanitation?
A “favela” in Brazil
A Brazilian couple head to a protest in green and yellow shirts, while their nanny, dressed in her uniform, pushes a stroller with their twins; the image went viral in Brazil because of the irony it represents: who should be protesting? The marginalized black nanny, or the privileged white couple?

#3 Education


#4 Crime

Diego Herculano/AFP
An example of what an “arrastão” looks like in traffic
Actor Wagner Moura as Captain Nascimento in “Elite Squad”

How does all of this relate to what’s happening now?

The rise of fake news

Military dictatorship

A page of the newspaper “Estado de S. Paulo”, with a poem replacing a censored article


State representative Rodrigo Amorim shows the broken street sign that paid tribute to councilwoman Marielle Franco, assassinated earlier this year under suspicious circumstances — she was a human rights advocate and constantly reported abuse committed by Rio’s police, which, as I mentioned earlier, is extremely violent. Note that he’s wearing a shirt with Bolsonaro on it.


A satire based on the image a few paragraphs above, with the white rich lady protesting for “Justice For Brazil”, while her black nanny pushes a stroller behind her. Why can’t we start the change in our own homes?

Spreading awareness about lipedema.

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