Skinny with large legs? Look into it

After spending over 15 years trying to understand why I couldn’t lose weight on my legs with diet and exercise, a medical diagnosis revealed the cause

Lipedema fat nodules seen under the skin
This was my grandma; you can tell by the picture that she had lipo-lymphedema, an advanced stage of the disease
The four stages of lipedema. Usually, the disease starts on stage 1 and progresses with time
The five types of lipedema: Type 1 (buttocks); Type 2 (buttocks, hips, and thighs); Type 3 (hips, thighs, and calves); Type 4 (arms); Type 5 (calves)

The symptoms

The treatments

One of the most famous pictures of lipedema, on an anorexic woman; unlike normal fat, the disease does not respond to caloric restrictions

The emotional component

Spreading awareness about lipedema.

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