What is it like to have leg liposuction?

Everything you need to know about the surgery: what are the costs, insurance coverage, recovery, methods, and more

My legs before and after leg liposuction surgery

The day before

Wide leg pants and maxi dresses are your best friend after surgery. Make sure to buy them in black to avoid any stains from your incisions leaking

Surgery day

My legs wrapped after surgery. They were only wrapped like this on day one. The doctor removed the extra wraps on my follow-up visit the next day and then I only wore my compression garment for the rest of my recovery.

Did I feel any pain after?

I kept raising my legs out of happiness when I woke up because I was so happy that they felt much lighter

You will have bruising similar to this; it looks worse than it is. Keep in mind bruising doesn’t equal pain.

How bad was my swelling?

Did I take any medication?

Bathroom: The elephant in the room

A GoGirl

Around week 2, I was so tired of accidentally peeing myself, that I burst into tears and said to my mom: “This is so humiliating.”

Going back to work

Going back to exercising

P.volve exercises have been incredibly helpful for my recovery

Continuous care

Final Thoughts

The End

Spreading awareness about lipedema.

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